April, 2010

Week 8 – Repeat.

This is starting to get pretty repetitive, so until something changes drastically, I’m going to stop logging about what I ate over the past week. But basically what it comes down to is: eat lots of proteins and vitamins, plenty of carbs, and few fats. Finally eat plenty of greens for their mineral and fiber content. I may add a “what I ate this week” paragraph to future log entries – but keeping a dedicated weekly post is starting to get a bit boring!

Week 7 – Back on track, but still a without camera


  • Lunch – Salad, bread and chocolate soy milk.
  • It’s It Ice cream sandwich.
  • Dinner – Hummus and bread.


  • Lunch – Berkeley Bowl soup and Polenta.
  • Dinner – Chocolate soy milk, baked salmon, salad, and polenta.

Wednesday was spectacular:

  • Lunch – Pasta
  • 2 It’s It ice cream sandwiches.
  • Dinner – leftover Pasta.


  • Brunch – Fruits, hummus, bread, soy milk
  • Dinner – Baked salmon and polenta


  • Lunch – Leftover salmon, hummus, bread, and chocolate soy milk.
  • Dinner – Beer.


  • Hummus, bread, oranges, soy milk all day long.

Oh in case you’re wondering: yes, I love hummus and bread :-)